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Petland’s local, family-owned pet stores go above and beyond federal and/or state requirements to ensure puppies are safe and healthy at the breeder, in store and beyond.

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Petland carefully reviews all USDA inspection reports and conducts regular on-site visits to breeders to ensure that animals are safe, healthy and well-cared for.


Petland requires all USDA-licensed breeders to be free of direct or critical violations for a minimum of two years.


Petland requires dog breeders to:

  • Follow a veterinarian-approved socialization and exercise program.

  • Follow veterinarian protocols for skin, coat, nail and dental hygiene.

  • Be in compliance with all aspects of federal and state animal welfare laws.


Petland’s breeders exceed USDA requirements. The Petland Operations team and franchisees look for breeders to provide:

  • Daily protected access to fresh air.

  • A living space that is at least three times the space required by the Animal Welfare Act.

  • Flooring that is appropriate for the breed and size of dog and continual access to solid flooring.

  • Daily access to space to reach a full running stride

  • A retirement program for sires and dams.

  • Veterinarian-approved indoor kennel temperatures and primary outdoor spaces with appropriate shade and protection from the elements.

  • AVMA and veterinarian-approved best practices in breeding frequency and retirement age.


Petland implements strict protocols recommended by the consulting veterinarian to ensure pets are safe while in store.


All puppies and kittens must be:

  • A minimum of eight weeks old prior to arrival to store.

  • Checked by a licensed state veterinarian prior to sale

  • Current on their vaccinations.


Puppies are fed two to three times a day, based on veterinarian’s recommendations, during their stay at a Petland location and provided fresh water at all times.


Just like babies, puppies can get sick. Any puppy that is coughing, sneezing or showing any signs of illness are to be placed in the Support Care Center (SCC) for treatment or transferred to the veterinarian’s office. Each puppy is monitored throughout day and treated under the direction of the consulting veterinarian. 




To ensure the pet’s health after a purchase is made, Petland offers consumer education so that new pet owners have the resources they need to provide quality care for their dogs.


Interested customers receive:

  • Breeder’s name and address.

  • Most current USDA Inspection report of breeder

  • Results of the state licensed veterinarian’s examination of the pet.

  • Documentation of all vaccinations, de-wormings and prophylactics


Upon purchase, customers also receive:

  • 14-day viral and bacterial warranty and a 1 year hereditary/congenital warranty.

  • Consumer protections through Florida state law.


All puppies and kittens are microchipped, and customer information is entered into national database.