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SAY YES TO SB 994/HB 849!

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Floridians for Pet Protections supports new legislation that will set the standard for animal care. The bills:

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Bad breeders who mistreat and
neglect animals 
must be put
out of business.

In California, where pet stores were banned in 2019, demand for puppies did not decrease. Instead, consumers flocked to the black market in desperation to find man’s best friend.

  • Consumers turned to online, backyard and foreign sources

  • The sale of puppies is no longer licensed, regulated or enforced by the USDA or the state

  • Fraud associated with puppy purchases grew by 350%

  • Veterinarians reported an increase of sick dogs acquired from unregulated sources

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Pet stores are required by federal law to purchase puppies from breeders that are:

  • Compliant with the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA), which regulates the transportation, purchase, sale, housing, care, handling and treatment of pets

  • Licensed and inspected by the USDA or hobby breeders as defined by the AWA

  • Subject to unannounced compliance inspections

  • Available for investigation after public complaints

  • May be subject to fines, suspension and formal prosecution for violations of AWA

Rescue Puppy
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Breeding dogs typically retire between the age of four and six. Petland breeders participate in re-homing programs to ensure they can live comfortably with a family for the duration of their lives.





Breeding dogs are euthanized when they cannot be bred any longer.



Dog breeders keep puppies in cages stacked two to three high. Dogs at the
bottom are filthy and covered in waste.

Petland’s breeders do not stack kennels. It is illegal in both Missouri and Ohio.


Stacked kennels have not been manufactured for more than 10 years.

In 2019, there were 1.9 million dogs available at shelters for adoption.   


That same year, American families acquired 7.3M dogs in 2019, or nearly four times the amount available at shelters. 



While adoption is the right choice for many families, there are not enough dogs at shelters to meet the demand.

Families should find pets at shelter where there is an abundance of dogs that need good homes. Ten million dogs are euthanized every year because they don’t have an owner and loving home.





Pet stores purchase puppies from USDA licensed and inspected breeders and hobby breeders as defined by the Animal Welfare Act. Petland visits its breeders regularly to ensure they meet or exceed the their standards of care for heath, socialization, environment, breeding life and retirement. Petland stores have a state-licensed consulting veterinarian that examine every new puppy upon arrival and establish in-store care protocols.

Puppies in pet stores come from puppy mills. They live in filthy conditions.